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So it is all coming to an end. This past week we had our first class after returning from trip. It was great to see everyone again and how the dynamic of the class has changed. Everyone talks to each other and it is great to see the friendships grow from this great experience. 

In class, we discussed how our perspective on the value chain has changed in regards to the fashion industry. It was great to see all the pieces come together and see the how much my opinion on how the value chain works before and after this class. 

I cannot wait to apply what I have gained from this class to my future career.  

Now that my countdown for Italy has finished, time for the countdown for graduation to begin. T-minus 15 weeks. 



Back At It

It’s been about a week now since my return from Italy and I am finally getting back into my routine. The first few days were definitely tough but it was all worth it, after all I was in Italy no complaints there.

I am so lucky to have gone on such a wonderful trip that both taught me about the fashion industry - which I strive to work in one day - and gave me a great international experience in one of the most beautiful places I have ever travelled to.

Reflecting back on my trip, I miss the long days our class had exploring the different steps in the value chain for the fashion industry, it really excited my passions. Although some days weren’t as fun as others, I am still appreciative because I learned how much it takes to be involved in one of the world’s biggest industries. There are way more steps in the value chain for creating a brand than I previously imagined.

In the near future I hope to learn more about the fashion industry value chain in our hometown of Los Angeles. I also hope to be able to learn about the industry in New York City as I am currently applying for fashion internships there for the summer.

I am so thankful for everyone who made this trip possible! I cannot wait to visit Italy again very soon!


- Lana

Even though days have passed since we’ve arrived from Italy, I am still trying to get back into my routine and get used to the the time change. School has started and it’s surreal to think that just a few days ago I was on the other side of the world having the time of my life with amazing people. 

Looking through pictures brings back a million memories. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to go on this trip. I met amazing people, made new friends and had the chance to spend more time with old friends. Of course, I can’t forget about all the things I learned about the fashion industry and business which have helped me find my true passion in life. 
Below are some of my favorite moments of the trip that I wanted to share with you. 
Trying my first “real” gelato. 


Getting to the top of the Duomo in Milan. 


Seeing Kaka score two goals during the AC Milan game. 


Visiting the Guess design headquarters in Milan. 


Walking the streets of Milan. 


Experiencing Pitti Immagine Uomo. 


Being in Roberto Cavalli’s office and saying hi to him. 


Seeing the Duomo in Florence. 


Arriving safely to Los Angeles.

Pictures form my last day in Firenze!

- Lana

Pitti Immagine Fun!

- Lana

Firenze - turno due! (Florence - round two!)

After our long day at Pitti Immagine and touring Florence with the class, my friends and I decided to return to Florence for our free day since we loved it so much. But this time all we wanted to do was shop and take pictures, and so that is exactly what we did!

The day started with an early morning bullet train ride from Milan to Florence. Once we got to Florence we headed straight to the outlets which is a 30 minute drive away. And oh yes it was worth it, all the top designers have outlets there and we found so many good deals. The area is called The Mall, and it was situated in the country side of Florence, so we enjoyed shopping with an amazing view and beautiful weather.

Once we got back into the city around 3:30/4 pm we were trying to race the sun (since the sun sets around 5) to get amazing pictures. We took pictures in front of the beautiful river, the church or Duomo, streets with beautiful architecture, and of course in the center of the plaza where all the statues are, including a copy of Michaelangelo’s David (the real one once stood there).

After taking picture we resumed shopping in the leather market, where we bargained for some authentic Italian leather goods and some other knick knacks. We finally ended our long day with more gelato than any of us could handle! It was amazing!

I can’t wait to come back and stay in Florence! Pictures to follow!

- Lana

Some company visits

- Lana

My Italy Trip in Photos

- Lana

Pitti Immagine!

On the last full day of the TIE trip we all got to go to Pitti Immagine, one of the worlds biggest and arguably best trade show and fashion show for men. This huge event kicks of men’s fashion week in Italy. Although this wasn’t my first trade show, it was unlike anything I’ve ever been to. It was captivating and exhilarating.

Being a fashion obsessed person I enjoyed every second just admiring all the different brands, the clothes, and of course my favorite part, the people watching. Seeing the hundreds of different outfits and all the super stylish street wear was amazing! I got to take pictures with a bunch of people who’s style I admired, and I even got inspired to taking my own pictures of the whole event, mainly documenting what people were wearing. I was happy to run into one of my favorite street style and city fashion photographer (LE21EME), it made me feel special that I was able to attend such an event. The whole experience was amazing and I learned so much more about the fashion industry and the purpose and necessity of trade shows.

Pictures to follow!

- Lana

Visiting Florence

On our last activity, we went to Florence, Italy in the fast speed train.

The first part of our day included a visit to one of the most important men’s fashion trade shows in the world, Pitti Immagine Uomo.
It was nice to see new innovative men and women brands as well as observe street style trends. After 3 hours of observing and taking photographs, we moved on to our second activity. 

We had the honor of visiting Roberto Cavalli’s headquarters. We got a tour of most of the building and were able to see the process of designing and creating garments. During the visit, we got to see Mr. Cavalli’s office and him as well! After the tour they allowed us to shop in their employee store with discounted prices. It was an unforgettable experience.

To make the day more unforgettable, we got the chance to visit the Gucci museum. It was interesting to see how the brand started and how they’ve kept their signature pieces. 

Our visit to Florence was more than I expected.